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Consumer Choice Award 2016

A Terrific Instructor

This is meant as a testimonial to the high quality and skills that Ms. Kulbir Phangureh demonstrated when she helped me get my Manitoba license. I have driven a lot for fifty years, but still managed to fail the road test. I contacted your school for some driving lessons to be aware of the peculiarities in Manitoba. Ms. Phangureh proved to be a terrific instructor. Focussing on the things I needed to be aware of when taking the Manitoba road test, her input made it possible for me to have an almost flawless road test exam. I cannot imagine a better driving instructor.

Thanks! Yngve L.

Very Helpful

I have always had a fear of driving and would suffer panic attacks at the very thought of getting behind the wheel of a car. Paul helped cure my phobia and made me feel at ease. Right from the start he was friendly, easygoing yet firm and made me feel comfortable. He is an excellent instructor who believed in me and boosted my confidence. I never believed that I would have gotten my license as fast as I did, even though I didn't feel comfortable with trying out the road test just after 5 lessons. But Paul 'knew' I was ready and paid no attention to my procrastination. I will always be grateful to him and although I still feel somewhat anxious behind the wheel I know that I will be a good driver.

Tannis T.

Pleasure to Work With

Hi Paul,

Thank you again for your friendliness and your expertise - it was a pleasure to meet you and I felt like an even more responsible driver in a hybrid. Your punctuality was a definite plus. Whoever needs to learn how to drive around me will hear about you.


Thank You

I just wanted to thank you for the driving instruction. It was great to have an experienced driving instructor to learn from. I have recently bought a new car and am driving everywhere. If I need a refresher or if I know someone needing instruction, I will recommend using Pan Am.

Thanks again,

Shannon M

Patient and Friendly

We want to thank for all the wonderful work and effort you put into teaching our son, Dan.

Right from the start you had one goal: to ensure that Dan achieved success in his road test. We feel that your focus on this goal facilitated his achieving success in the most timely manner possible. Dan appreciated your supportive, friendly and patient teaching style.

Thank you again.

Great Work


May God continue to increase your wisdom and understanding of being a driving school teacher. You really know that we are unique. I thank you for your patience, tolerance and acceptance with me. You kept on encouraging me not to give up. At last it was successful. Thanks very much. One thing I found in Paul is that he cooperated with his students. He works together with his loving, energetic wife. It is a really family oriented business. They shared their love not only for themselves, but with the outsiders. Anybody who has taken driving classes with Paul will bear me witness. Thanks Paul again for what you are and what you will be in future.


Excellent Teacher

Dear Mr. Paul,

Thank you very much for teaching me how to drive. You are a such wonderful teacher. Your excellent driving skills have lead me down the road to success. I always had a good mood while I was learning to drive with you so that I could easily communicate with you and accept your advice. You are full of sense of humor that I can never forget in my mind. Because of your excellent teaching, I passed my test smoothly with higher points finally. Thank you very much one more time more. Best wishes to you every day.



Hello Paul,

Thank you for your instructions before I took my driving test. They were well worth it. My friend is also thinking of taking a driving test this summer. I referred your name to her. Please make sure to teach her as well as you did me. (^_^)



Good Job Teaching Driving

Let me once again say thank you for my recent success on the road test. As I told you already, you actually showed me those small but important details about driving which your predecessors did not show me. Anyway, I do appreciate your lessons.

Anthony K.

Learning to Be a Strategic Driver

Hi Paul,

I have been meaning to email you for quite some time now, to thank you for everything you did for me. It's been almost 6 months now since I took my road test, and with your help, passed on my first try.…My previous driving instructor did not take my situation and nerves into consideration and made me feel even more self-conscious about my driving abilities….The fact that you sincerely understood my story and wanted to help me out made me so incredibly happy…You were always patient, kind, understanding, extremely informative and really taught me how to apply the rules of the road to driving, and how to be a strategic driver too.

Six months later and I can honestly say being able to drive has changed my life. It has opened up so many opportunities, especially with work, that I couldn't have taken had I just been relying on the bus….Wherever I go, I sing your praises and tell everyone what an amazing company you have, and how good you and your wife are at what you do.

Kylee N.

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